Don't let Massachusetts' Energy Policy Destroy the Moosehead Region.

We are a well informed, active group, with proven successes in helping to plan for the best for this breath-taking place called the Moosehead Lake Region.

Wind Project Details

Somerset Wind
(NRG Energy)

The project will be sited in a conservation easement (Easement A-1 – see map below) on land owned by the Weyerhaeuser Company that includes portions of…

Northwest Wind
(EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc.)

The proposed project will start at the northern end of the Little Moose Mountain ridgeline overlooking Big Indian Pond and continue west over the Burnt Nubble and Black Nubble peaks towards Moxie Pond.

News & Updates

Save Moosehead sign

Opposition to Industrial Scale Wind Development in Somerset County, Maine

Dear Officials: Please be advised that the purpose of this letter is to express the Somerset County Commissioners’ opposition to additional industrial scale wind development and its associated facilities in Somerset County or the Moosehead Lake Region for the following reasons: The adverse visual impact of 500+ foot wind turbines and associated transmission required for

Wind power promises failing

In 2008, Governor John Baldacci worked with a very cooperative Legislature to craft a special zoning and permitting process that significantly aided developers seeking to capitalize on Maine’s rural resources for large-scale wind power projects. Developers promised massive “green” benefits for Maine’s energy generation, a huge economic impact with hundreds of high-paying jobs, all while

Wind-energy companies allowed unintended eagle killings

Firms won’t be penalized if their turbines kill as many as 4,200 each year. The bald eagle, a national symbol that is generally protected from harm, won’t be flying so high next year. The Obama administration on Wednesday finalized a rule that lets wind-energy companies operate high-speed turbines for up to 30 years — even

Our Purpose

Working together we can continue to protect the high-value natural resources that will sustain Moosehead’s unique quality of place and way of life for generations to come.

Wondering what you can do to help?

Quality of Place is the economic backbone of our region.

John Willard, MRFC president
Owner, The Birches Resort, Rockwood​​​


Over 85% of Maine wind power is sold to out-of-state utilities.

ME Department of Energy


Maine turbines are idle 70% of the time.

Federal Energy Information Office


Thank you for speaking up and trying to stop wind power development around Moosehead. I regularly vacation in the area, sometimes think of buying a second home or property there. I would never do that if I had to look at the industrial skyline, towers and blinking lights, that come with wind power. And once they’re up, they’re up for good. I, my family and friends, will go to other places that don’t destroy the views and wilderness experience. It’s that simple.

Glenn Morazzini

About the Moosehead Region Futures Committee

Since 2005 the MRFC’s mission is to encourage, gather and incorporate area residents’ ideas and expertise to shape and balance the region’s future development, economy, and conservation efforts.