Save Moosehead sign

Opposition to Industrial Scale Wind Development in Somerset County, Maine

Dear Officials: Please be advised that the purpose of this letter is to express the Somerset County Commissioners’ opposition to additional industrial scale wind development and its associated facilities in Somerset County or the Moosehead Lake Region for the following reasons: The adverse visual impact of 500+ foot wind turbines and associated transmission required for … Read more

Wind power promises failing

In 2008, Governor John Baldacci worked with a very cooperative Legislature to craft a special zoning and permitting process that significantly aided developers seeking to capitalize on Maine’s rural resources for large-scale wind power projects. Developers promised massive “green” benefits for Maine’s energy generation, a huge economic impact with hundreds of high-paying jobs, all while … Read more

Wind-energy companies allowed unintended eagle killings

Firms won’t be penalized if their turbines kill as many as 4,200 each year. The bald eagle, a national symbol that is generally protected from harm, won’t be flying so high next year. The Obama administration on Wednesday finalized a rule that lets wind-energy companies operate high-speed turbines for up to 30 years — even … Read more

Are we selling our birthright?

From the Kennebec Journal Op-Ed piece: I note with concern the Sept. 16 article by Tux Turkel, “New owner arrives amid fight over wind.” My concern is that the 26-turbine wind power project extending from Parlin Pond east along Misery Ridge, described in the article as going forward with a new developer, is only … Read more

SunEdison sale of Aroostook wind farm raises concerns

The recent sale of a wind power development site in Aroostook County to out-of-state investors has an anti-wind development group in Somerset County concerned that a similar scenario could unfold for a planned project in the Moosehead Lake area. A federal judge last week approved the sale of SunEdison’s King Pine project, a planned 600-megawatt … Read more