Marcia Phillips

holds an M.S. from the University of Maine in resource economics and a B.S. in natural resources, specializing in survey research and non-market valuation of natural resources. She worked for Kleinschmidt, an energy and environmental consulting firm, in Pittsfield for 19 years, where she served as corporate technical expert for survey research. She designed and led small and large-scale survey research efforts to estimate the recreational use of project resources and associated economic impacts, and conducted visual impact studies. Her work influenced the management of recreational resources at hydroelectric projects in Maine and other locations throughout the country. Previous to Kleinschmidt, Marcia worked at a firm in Wisconsin, where she studied the value of wildlife-related recreation and the non-use value of natural resources. Today, she is a consultant in outdoor recreational use and demand, frequently collaborating with clients, agencies, and stakeholders and coordinating their compliance, reporting, and planning activity. She is a peer-reviewed author of professional journal articles and was as an adjunct instructor of environmental policy at UMaine. Marcia is a life-long visitor of the Moosehead area, particularly Shirley and Big Indian Pond. She lives in Clinton, Maine, and is on the Board of Directors of Literacy Volunteers – Waterville, Area.