What You Can Do

Speak Up!

Make Your Opinion Heard.

Industries have public relations specialists, lobbyists, lawyers, and scientists whom they pay handsomely to spread their message.

For citizens, persistence—in asking questions, in writing letters and public opinion pieces, and in contacting the offices of our elected representatives—is the most cost-effective way to make a difference, and to show how much we care, are paying attention, and are involved.

Writing a note only takes a few minutes, but can change a course of events.

Email, write, or call your local, state, and national representatives about what you want for the Moosehead Lake Region.

They are elected to work for you.

Write a letter to newspapers editors around the state. They have the power to inform the public.

Even if you are not a Maine resident, we welcome your support and comments. Please feel free to write to our elected officials and newspapers.

Your opinion matters to us!

Some issues you might address in a note or a phone call:

  • Adverse effects on tourism and the local economy
  • Environmental destruction and loss or alteration of wildlife habitats
  • Needless destruction of Maine’s Quality of Place
  • Dark skies
  • Effects proposed projects have on Maine’s public reserved lands and state parks – lands you own as a citizen of the State of Maine
  • Costs to the taxpayers—direct and ancillary
  • Tax credits to developers
  • Lowered property values
  • Decreased quality of life for the community
  • Loss of higher altitude habitat used by our moose population

Maine Executive Branch

Governor Janet Mills
(207) 287-3531
1 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333

Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Land Resources Contacts

Maine Land Use Planning Commission

Maine Public Utilities Commission

Maine State Legislators

Maine House of Representatives Members

Maine Senate Members

United States Congressional Representatives for Maine

United States Senator Angus King

United States Senator Susan Collins

United States Representative Jared Golden (2nd. District)

United States Representative Chellie Pingree (1st. District)


Print Media

Bangor Daily News

The Piscataquis Observer

Moosehead Matters